Thursday, September 22, 2011

Santa Monica CA poet Lynne Bronstein needs your help.

Forwarded to me by R.D. Raindog Armstrong yesterday:
This, from fellow poet Luis Campos...

howdy folks:

tough times we're living in... an old friend is in

trouble: Lynne Bronstein; she's being evicted...

needs a little help from her friends. Don't know

Lynne? Beautiful person, fine poet; writes for the

Santa Monica newspaper... has been living at her

small place in S.M. at least since I met her back

in '70... community activist, cares for people; could

end up living on the streets.

enough said... please send her whatever you can afford.

She'll cry first, thank you later.

Lynne Bronstein

215 Bay St.

Santa Monica, CA


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