Saturday, September 10, 2011

Steven Soderbergh's hatred of Internet commentary goes back further than CONTAGION.

Yes, I liked CONTAGION enough to give it three Purell bottles out of four (you'll understand once you see the film), though it's not up to earlier Steven Soderbergh commercial dramas like ERIN BROCKOVICH and TRAFFIC.

CONTAGION's mildly marred by Soderbergh injecting some crankiness about labor unions and Internet bloggers (there's a line about blogging being "grafitti with punctuation.")

Here's Soderbergh from roughly a decade earlier moaning about Internet-commenter criticism from his book-length conversation with Richard Lester titled GETTING AWAY WITH IT:
"Made the mistake of reading a couple of messages posted

about me in the indie-film section of AOL. There's one snotty

cretin that keeps making insipid remarks about me and my work

and I'm really fighting the impulse to rip this guy (I'm assuming

it's a guy because of the attitude dripping off the screen) a

brand-new, shiny, three-bedroom, two-full-bath asshole. But

then I think, 'Why bother? Be big about it. Just make your

films and let the other stuff go.' That's the healthy attitude,

of course. But I still want to cream this guy. I guarantee

you this motherfucker hasn't made a fucking paper football,

much less an actual film. Jesus, why does this bug me?

It's really unappealing."

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