Sunday, November 25, 2012

Comedian/Actor Kevin Pollak has a favorite-anecdotes book coming out.,88852/

I just found this review on THE ONION's AV CLUB, which brought back memories of my being a stand-in for Wallace Shawn on a 1996 family comedy called HOUSE ARREST (which starred Jamie Lee Curtis....and Kevin Pollak).

HOUSE ARREST is not the best of the mid-budget high-concept films that came in the wake of John Hughes' conversion to kidpix after the megasuccess of HOME ALONE in 1990.  But it had a fair amount of talent behind the camera (Michael Hitchcock, who now co-produces GLEE was the screenwriter) and in front of it (the cast included Christopher McDonald, Jennifer Tilly, Caroline Aaron, Ray Walston, Ben Stein and the then-teen-starlet Jennifer Love Hewitt).

Hoping that Mr. Pollak (who seemed to have an edgy-comedian awareness he wasn't making a masterpiece) may have some entertaining anecdotes on working with a talented ensemble which was blessed with shooting most of the script in sequence (i.e. the "adults trapped in the basement" scenes).

Here's a copy of the trailer (apparently taped from a TV broadcast) posted to YouTube:

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