Monday, November 12, 2012

Why some of you aren't seeing me these days.

"Once you have been branded, its hard to make it go away...its like an unwanted nickname, human nature and american social structure feeds that sorta bullying and as long as you keep playing the part, you will continue to be held in that regard... and believe me, from the folks that i [know in the SoCal poetry community].. most now, because of your attitude, consider you little more than comedic entertainment. Again.. im not saying these things to be HARSH.. im saying them to help you come to grips with the reality YOU have CREATED for yourself. no one else is responsible but you.."--Lob Instagon to me circa December 2010

"You wonder why I don't get out much."--lyric from George Harrison song "Devil's Radio" on the album CLOUD NINE.

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