Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Glenn Greenwald again says what progressives/liberals doesn't want to hear about Obama.

Once the incense of last night disappears, we're likely to get the Barack Obama of the first term doubling down on capitulating to the GOP, continuing drone strikes, perhaps doing some social good by enouraging voluntarism, perhaps also ensuring that the 2016 elections have fewer glitches and chicanery--and not using the Bully Pulpit to curb Wall Street greed at the expense of Main Street (can't offend Goldman Sachs, especially after the firm and its members supported Mitt Romney).  But at least Obamacare (the health care reform once known as Romneycare) looks to be safe from harm.

Glenn Greenwald walks us through a too-likely scenario on how the Left may gradually accept a Grand Bargain where Obama gives in to GOP demands for entitlement cuts as the price of a higher tax rate for the very rich:

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