Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Hilary Duff's bikini body secrets.

Unless someone can tell me otherwise, I assume that showbiz ubermom Susan Duff still controls the not-as-hot-as-it-was career of daughter Hilary.

In an effort to reposition Hilary Duff as both an Object of Desire and a Dieting Success Story, there are two current magazine covers with Hilary in either bikini or athletic two-piece wear (one of them is US; I've forgotten the other).

Unfortunately, Hilary Duff, even with the now-brown hair and thinner body (with pushed-up cleavage), will never exude the physical appeal (especially to teenage and college-age boys) of the current pinups du jour--Jessica Alba and Megan Fox.

In an amusing sidebar, easily-controlled-by-Disney Hilary clone Miley (HANNAH MONTANA) Cyrus has now changed her hairstyle from LIZZIE McGUIRE-era Hilary blonde to "mature" Hilary brown.

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