Thursday, July 5, 2007

Listening to two poets who hate me.

A few minutes ago, I listened to a portion of an internet radio show called INSPIRED BY.  It's located on

I know the host (a woman) and the guest ( a man).  Around 2003-2004, I made both the woman and the man furious with me for making comments (both expressing personal dislike and dismay with their narrowness on what they considered GOOD POETRY) on a certain poetry listserve.  It's a big no-no in the poetry community to be aggressively opinionated and call people out in public when you disagree with them, so I was beaten with a rhetorical tire iron and considered "mean."

Both the woman and the man won't speak to me anymore, and I'm not inclined to do much to reverse the situation (though I e-mail invited the woman to the Coffee Junction reading to see a friend of hers feature recently).

However, I must say that there was a certain earnest sweetness as they read poetry (not always their own) and talked about artistic influences.  Hopefully, no one will take it as an insult if I compare INSPIRED BY to high schoolers in the A/V club looking for someone who shares their sincere and knowledgeable enthusiasm for an art form not blessed with mainstream recognition.

Therefore, I'll recommend for the various verse-related programs (including THE MOE GREEN POETRY HOUR) hosted by Los Angeles poets. 

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