Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Martial law in America continues.

At this point, I'm just another blogger venting about George Butch and Dick "Shotgun" Cheney deciding to protect Scooter Libby from prison but keep the fine and probation on the books--something called "commuting" the sentence.

Something grimly amusing on Keith Olbermann last night: A legal expert who dared mention that Bill Clinton grossly abused the pardon privelege (at the end of his second term in office) by pardoning his brother, plus allegedly crooked financier Marc Rich.

Olbermann let the subject drop.  Safe to guess that COUNTDOWN will bestow wet kisses to Hillary's run for the Presidency by this time next year.

(Speaking of Hillary, is it bad form to suggest that sensitivity about her gender--whether she's "tough enough" in a post-9/11 world--will lead her to be as reckless with warmaking and troop deployment as George?)

To ignore the Rule of Law for the Rule of Cronyism and, conversely, engage in stonewalling/coverup is bad Presidential behavior--whether it's from George W. Bush, Richard Nixon (mentioned by Olbermann in his closing commentary last night) or Bill Clinton.


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