Sunday, July 8, 2007

LIVE EARTH is history--now what?

Yes, I enjoyed the LIVE EARTH music I heard on Sirius satellite radio and watched on NBC, Sundance, Bravo and CNBC.  And, yes, I also watched the it's-up-to-you-little-people tips on taking public transit, using energy-efficient light bulbs, turning computers to sleep mode when not using, etc. etc. etc.

I guess I'm a bit suprised that Al Gore didn't emulate the Jerry Lewis MDA telethon and bring out some corporate execs (for valuable face time) to announce commitments of cash or personpower to reducing their gigantic carbon footprints.  But why attempt to hold corporations in the free world and in capitalist/communist hybrid China to even a loose set of standards when it's easier to exhort the little people to partially erase their somewhat smaller emissions of greenhouse gases?

A final observation:  Obviously, TODAY newsreader/DATELINE host Ann Curry utilized someone to engage in the process of pre-interviewing her guests.  When Trudi Styler (wife of Sting) dared to get substantive and mention Chevron allegedly dumping oil in a poor village area, causing a greater amount of cancer among the village's citizenry, Ann immediately reported corporatespeak about how it's not Chevron's fault, that it's the fault of the country's own oil company and that the matter is now in court (reminds me of a recent profile of Rupert Murdoch in THE NEW YORKER where the claim was made that the censorship-prone version of MySpace in China wasn't really Murdoch's baby--the MySpace name was "licensed" locally).

Something to think about in the months before the LIVE EARTH DVD box (likely in environmentally appropriate packaging) is released for holiday giftgiving.


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