Friday, April 4, 2008

The Dean Singleton effect on L.A. journalism.

“It’s really, really bad right now,” one said. “They pay us the equivalent of In-n-Out cooks, literally. They gut the newsroom, firing some of the best people we’ve got, and then turn around and expect us to be passionately motivated about our jobs.”

The above quote is from Mark Cromer's LA WEEKLY article about how (William) Dean Singleton, who I remember as buying and ruining THE DALLAS TIMES HERALD before it went out of business back in the long-ago day, is cutting the staffs and resources of his SoCal newspapers (including the like-them-or-not right-wing bastion LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS) to the point where they'll all be interchangeable like McDonalds or Burger King outlets.

At the rate the DAILY NEWS is being decimated in the name of profits, maybe it will revert to its handful-of-pages GREEN SHEET origins.

Here's a link to Cromer's complete article:

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