Sunday, April 6, 2008

More random entries.

In no specific order:

1. Passing this link from the Long Beach alternapaper site DISTRICT WEEKLY.  It mentions a rather distasteful Pat Buchanan diatribe that he wouldn't say on MSNBC, but concisely summarizes the it's-not-my-fault attitudes of sixty-and-seventysomething white people regarding black people and continued reminders of past racism:

Buchanan's column reminds me of Old Hollywood columnist Army Archerd braying in DAILY VARIETY in 1992 about how Archerd went off to Palm Springs to get away from the racial unrest in L.A.

2. It's rather sad that CNN devoted some of its death-of-King-in-1968 coverage to Soledad O'Brien doing a who-killed-King documentary.  Does this mean we can look forward to John King or Anderson Cooper or Kyra Phillips anchoring a similar one for the 40th anniversary of Robert F. Kennedy's assassination in June?

3.  Charlton Heston has passed away; I'm expecting a lot of self-righteous progressives to overlook his decades-long career as an actor and dismember him in absentia for the past-and-present excesses and sins of the National Rifle Association.  For those who want to track it down on used-book sites or eBay, Heston's first memoir in diary format--THE ACTOR'S LIFE--covering his career from 1956-1976, is a book worth reading.

[Update: The posthumous bile towards Heston is already flowing.  Here's a reader's comment from THE NEW YORK TIMES website posted after the TIMES obituary: Vile, laughable movies; vile, unlaughable politics. Time now to RIP.]

4. AOL now carries a reminder that Kurt Cobain died around this time fourteen years ago.  As I perceive it, Nirvana seems to be fondly remembered but doesn't have the eternally-new-to-future-generations status of Jim Morrison and The Doors.  Maybe it's time for Courtney, Krist and Dave to agree to put out remastered-and-expanded definitive editions of NEVERMIND and IN UTERO to remind youngsters about a seminal band they're not listening to at present.

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