Thursday, April 17, 2008

George Stephanopoulos boldly steps over the line of journalistic ethics.

Here's a link to an article about Wednesday night's Disney/ABC debate, which I suffered an hour of before turning the damned thing off:

Given the stupidity pills that Disney/ABC newspeople seem to consume, it shouldn't be surprising that ex-Bill and Hillary Clinton employee George Stephanopoulos was chosen to be one of the two moderators.

Given the tabloidization of Disney/ABC news, it would have made more sense to use Cynthia McFadden, Martin Bashir or even right-wing snarkster John Stossel as Charlie Gibson's wingperson.

Leaving aside the horrible deficit in journalism ethics of having someone connected to the election of presidential candidate Bill Clinton as a debate moderator, one can only marvel over Disney/ABC's decision, in focusing heavily on "character", "past associations" and "gotcha" questions (more at Obama's expense than at Hillary's), to aim even lower than CNN's use of the above-mentioned modus operandi.

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