Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Miley Cyrus, Billy Ray Cyrus, VANITY FAIR and celebrity vanity.

Here's a link to Mary McNamara's have-it-both-ways article in THE LOS ANGELES TIMES re the latest media controversy regarding Miley Cyrus posing for Annie Leibovitz photos in VANITY FAIR--with and without famous Stage Dad Billy Ray Cyrus: http://www.latimes.com/entertainment/news/tv/la-et-miley29apr29,1,7312776.story

At this time, it wouldn't hurt if Tanya Tucker (who, in her teen-star prime in the70s, knew something about flaunting sexuality for the media) could talk to the Cyrus family about the risks of working Miley superhard and the Cyrus family's apparent belief that they can do whatever they damn well please (to the point of thinking they can sign on the dotted line with a squeeze-dollars-to-death, overcautious corporation such as The Walt Disney Company and sexualize Miley on the side for VANITY FAIR, thinking there will be no blowback because they've made mountains of money for Disney over the past couple of years).

And it's safe to say we all know how the media works: lots of apologies, things will blow over and Mary McNamara will probably write a puff piece about some other Disney Channel starlet--Demi Lovato is a likely choice.

These days, memories are short and everything happens for the very first time.

Update (4/30/08): Here's a link to a Slate.com article by Daniel Brook that discusses a Disney clothing ad in China which shows a reclining 12-year-old girl in her Disney bra and panties with cloth puppets of Mickey and Minnie Mouse on each hand:


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