Saturday, April 26, 2008

How Al Franken is trying to avoid the fate of Carly Smithson.

"Talk about whatever you want in the comments. Be sure not to ruffle any feathers or show your tats or come off like you care too much. People don't like that. And remember, kids: No matter how talented you may be, life will eventually come down to a popularity contest. "

The above is from a recent edition of ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY's blog concerning all things AMERICAN IDOL--particularly the voteoff shocker concerning Carly Smithson on Wednesday because she was presumably not buttoned-down-in-personality-and-presentation enough (and picked a song from the still-controversial-to-fundamentalists JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR) for the voting public.

But it's likely that Ms. Smithson will sell more CDs/downloads as a result of doing the show (keep in mind that Chris Daughtry is having a more successful music career than some of the past IDOL winners)--so she can be counted as a sort-of-winner.

Back to the quote above: It's becoming clear that success in America involves not showing any kind of "unacceptable" emotions and making people feel comfortable with their biases.

Another case in point is this article from THE ATLANTIC regarding Al Franken's attempts to suppress his raucous SNL-comic/AIR AMERICA talk-show host/Bill O'Reilly-nemesis past in his effort to run for Minnesota senator and dethrone current Republican seat-holder Norm Coleman.  Here's the link:


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