Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Re Barack Obama and the "bitter" remark

Yes, I have contributed to Barack Obama's Presidential campaign--and will continue to do so.

But I don't always agree with everything he says and does. 

Obama recently made a rather pandering remark about finding a place for Al Gore in his administration (don't get me started on Gore--or, as I call him, Shallow Al).  And it seems that Obama, speaking behind closed doors in San Francisco on April 6th, missed the point in ascribing small-town behavior and customs to "bitterness" over the current economy.

Whether it's in Pennsylvania, Texas or Oklahoma, people in small towns/cities who opt for gun ownership, conservative politics and unquestioning obedience towards church doctrine tend to do so out of a "don't get above your raising" ethos.  And sometimes this will translate into open irritation towards people who have more broadminded beliefs and tendencies to think for themselves.  Of course, it doesn't help that Fox News and CNN [yes, CNN tilts right a lot of the time] plus certain talk radio outlets inflame small-town people's resentment towards anyone who acts "better" than they are. 

It has absolutely nothing to do with the state of the economy.

Cable and print pundits want to believe they know what goes on in the hearts and minds of the small towns they fly over in first class.  And it's sad and irritating that they're keeping Obama's "bitter" remark in play to fill column inches and airtime until next week's Pennsylvania primary.

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